The Engagement

July 15, 2000

Chad graduated from Cabrini College in May of 2000.  Paula wanted to throw him a party to celebrate his achievement.  While Paula was planning the party, Chad was planning the proposal.

The party was held at Paula's dad's house in Plymouth Township, Pa.  There was over 150 people in attendance celebrating Chad's graduation.  Those in attendance ranged from many of Chad's friends from New Jersey and all of his immediate family, all of Paula's family, their many friends from Pennsylvania and all the friend's and relatives of the Fazio family.

When Chad bought the ring, he asked Paula's dad if he could marry his daughter.  Chad expressed to Mr. Fazio that his proposal was going to be a surprise at the engagement party.  Both Chad and Mr. Fazio are not very good at secrets, thus everyone at the party was well aware of the "Big Question" Chad was going to ask Paula that evening.  The only people that did not have a clue was Paula and Chad's mother.  Chad's dad knows his son so well that he guessed, and he was correct.

The night was perfect, except for the occasional summer drizzle.  The rain was tolerable because everyone was awaiting the engagement.  Chad's graduation cake was brought out and before Chad cut the cake, he made a speech.

Chad was very nervous and tears ran down his face.  He first thanked everyone for coming to his graduation party but insisted that the party was more of a celebration of the friendships and relationships that he shared with everyone at the party.  He then said that he wanted to talk about the very special relationship that he shares with Paula.  Chad thanked Paula for all of her support with his education and his career.  Then Chad told the crowd that he has had this song in his head for the past 5 years and if anyone knew the song he was talking about they could start singing it with him.

"Hey, Hey Paula....I want to marry you....Hey one else could every do....I waited so long for school to be through....Paula I can't wait no more for you....My Love"

A perfect song for a perfect evening that commenced a perfect beginning to the rest of Paula and Chad's life together.

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This was a memorable evening as it brought both of our families and all of our friends together for our engagement.  Many thanks to all who helped make this night so special for us.  Love, Chad & Paula.


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